So you had to take a break from bjj? 

Between a horrific rash and two new additions to our household I want to say it’s not entirely my fault. Just mostly. Sadly I know it’s all my fault. 

It’s surprisingly difficult for me to return to training after taking extended periods of time off. The amount of laziness I develope after even a couple extra days off is truly amazing. It seems like sooo much work to include bjj in my daily routine: Going to the academy, doing the classes, the extra showers and hair care steps, the shocking amount of extra laundry, and then the sore, tired, overall body aches add up to a lot. I’ll rephrase that. They are a lot when you’ve forgotten how much you love the sport. Because when I go everyday it’s all worth it. Except the laundry. I hate laundry and I only have one gi (omg lol). 

The one thing that caught me off guard about returning was how quickly my comfort level reverted back to when I first started. I’m scared again. My bubble is firmly in place. Basically I’ve had to start all over on the mats. Fortunately, when someone has me controlled, I know why my mind blanks and my breathing stops and I can try to control it. (Closing my eyes really helps.) I hope the return to previous comfort levels will be swift and so far so good!!

The great parts of returning after absences are many but for me its the people more than anything. Guys and gals that genuinely seem to care if I’m there or not and the encouragement they offered, it was sorely needed after feeling like I was starting at day one again. 

I feel truly blessed to get to train bjj and to have found my academy. It’s good to be back. 

Class today! 



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