Saturday = BJJ

Went to the Saturday noon class at Brazil Academy with my butt dragging.  I didn’t get a decent amount of sleep the night before and felt less then stellar.  But I was going to class and make the most of it.  As always, I felt 10 times better afterward.

The class was packed!  Only a few white belts were there which meant about 20-25 higher belts (I didn’t do an official head count, don’t hold me to those numbers).  It was impressive.

Towards the end of class we did “base” rolling.  Four people are base and the rest line up to go against them.  The drill was the base had to sweep or submit the person in their guard.  The person in guard just had to pass and get into a position of control (side, mount, back, etc…).  If the base loses the other person becomes base and is awarded the next person up.  Fun drill that keeps things moving!  It was during this time I met Lou.  After class we talked a little bit about life and a lot about BJJ.  Lou instructs BJJ at Fort Leavenworth.  Great guy with a wealth of knowledge.  If you are in the area, check him out.

After dinner, we sat down and watched Fight to Win Pro 30.  Lots of matches and some big names.  Kurt Pellegrino won submission of the night.  Barbosa lost a decision to Gordon Ryan (complete bs).  Grippo beat Olsvaldo and was fight of the night.  UFC old timer Ricco Rodriguez lost to Tom DeBlass via decision.   It was a great way to spend a Saturday night with the family.


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