Nikki – Saturday Morning Compromises

They say marriage is all about compromise. This is true when you are testing out a marriage too (engagement). I can say with much humor and some frustration that I never thought I would be compromising over who GETS to go train on a Saturday afternoon.

Our training schedule is usually four days a week with alternating Saturdays. Alternating because we have multiple kiddos, and some of them we don’t have 100% of the time. The child in this scenario spends 50% of his time with my ex-husband , so we have him every other Saturday. I should add that between the two of us we have four children. 13, 11, 5, 5.

Now the reason for this mornings rock paper scissors lizard Spock situation is one of our five year olds is having some serious sinus/booger issues and didn’t sleep well last night.

Tony and I also missed a week of training due to a minor surgical procedure Tony had last week, as such he has determined that he needs the training more than I do this week. (Sarcasm) Naturally, I want to go as I missed a week of training too. Two months ago I never would have thought this would be something to consider.

And so, a compromise is struck. Well, I should say, Tony won. Bleh lol.

A side note, I lost some of the weight I had gained in the last two days. It was certainly my coffee creamer. It’s amazing how such a small thing can derail everything.

Class Monday!!!



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