Tony, an intro…

First, let me thank you for visiting our blog!  I am a 37 year young IT professional who has had a love of martial arts for many years.  I have practiced Kenpo, kickboxing, a little bit of Judo, and my personal favorite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  My BJJ journey started back in 2010 in York, PA under Daniel Beleza.  An amazing teacher and competitor!  Unfortunately it was short lived due to work obligations and family life.  I tried finding a school closer to work in Harrisburg, PA and discovered 3rd Generation BJJ ran by Gregg Anderson.  Even though it was a larger school, the instructors made it feel at times you were getting a private lesson.  Once again, life decided I had to make a choice between the  art I loved and the people I loved, my family.  I chose family.  I tried a couple of times to get started again however each attempt was unsuccessful.  My hiatus from BJJ may have been years, but my love for it never died.  Fast forward to 2017!  A new wife (fiancé 😁), a new family, a new life! I now train at Brazil Academy, in Kansas, under Ninja Pinto and I am loving life.  The whole family is training.  I am so proud of Nikki and the boys!  Together, we are living the BJJ life.


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