Keto, a crash course

Hi! Got Keto?

Part of my diet plan is fasting, but that’s not required with a Keto diet. Fasting is a little push that Ninja added. At three weeks in, I’m by no means an expert and any dieting and fasting should be approved by your doctor before beginning.

I started eating Ketogenic and fasting together. Depending on who you ask fasting will help your body differently. The important thing is the body learning to stop burning carbs and sugar for energy and instead start burning fat and the most efficient way to make it do it!  You can learn more about how that works here. You can find a solid start at a food guide here.

It started with a 12 hour fast. Sounds totally crazy, I know. But if you eat right and schedule the bulk of your fasting time during sleep it’s not really that much time. I have slowly been working up to a higher fasting time and its been pretty cool, mainly because it’s been pretty easy. I’m not hungry. That makes it A LOT easier.

I’m currently undertaking a daily 16 hour fast. Jumping from a daily 14 hours to a daily 16 hours has so far been the most challenging. I’ve been a bit cranky and one night I was hungry.

It’s all about the macros, but mostly it feels like its really all about the fat, if my fat intake drops too low for the day it makes me super hungry and super…cranky.

Break fast this morning, three eggs, 2oz bacon 1oz extra sharp cheddar cheese and an avocado (smushed on top of the omelette). And water, lots and lots of water. All day, water…



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